A tour through the past, cycling along the ancient Flaminian Way

Ancient trades, a ghost town, the fossil forest, thermal baths and catacombs.

Dedicated to those with a passion for nature, history and culture.

Assisi-Spello-Bevagna-Montefalco-Massa Martana-San Gemini

Difficulty: easy;  Duration:  6 days and 5 nights; Recommended  period:   April –September, (at other times of the year, the opening dates and times of archaeological sites can’t be guaranteed).   Recommended for individuals and small groups.

This biking holiday combines with archaeology and history to offer an original and enjoyable way of discovering Umbria.  You will find ancient catacombs, splendid  mosaics, fascinating medieval trades, roads from the Roman era,  forests, hills, fields and a fossil forest. A perfect  mix that tells of Umbria and her history.

Gather in Assisi, meet the organisors,  receive your bikes, maps and explanation of the itinerary.

2  Assisi-Spello-Bevagna

A simple route to begin with, along a path called la via degli ulivi , “The Road of Olives”, which crosses the  slopes of Mount  Subasio , arriving at Spello. From here we cross the Valley of Umbria to reach  Bevagna. We take a short break in Spello where you will be amazed by more than  300 sq.metres of mosaics from the  III-IV centuries A.D., arches, walls and gates from the Roman era.

Arrival in  Bevagna,  settle into the hotel, independent dinner

Distance Km 25; 100m of elevation gain,  Road surface: Asphalt and gravel

  Bevagna-Montefalco + visit to the Roman thermal baths and medieval workshops

The day begins in the beautiful city of Bevagna with a very slow pace! We start the day with a guided visit to the remains of the flooring of the ancient Roman baths and the renowned  Gaite: medieval workshops which  bring back to life the ancient crafts of that era, and which demonstrate how simple every-day objects were  made.  After this special journey into the past, we travel up the hill, along a panoramic road,  to  Montefalco, the home of wine. Along the way, it is almost obligatory to take advantage of the many photo opportunities ….and to have a well-earned rest!

Distance  Km 20; 350m of elevation gain .,   Road surface Asphalt

Arrival in Montefalco,  settle into the hotel, independent dinner.

 Montefalco-Massa Martana +visit to the catacombs of  Saint  Faustino the ruins of Via Flaminia

From  Montefalco we encounter a series of ups and downs through hills, fields and wine cellars, and then, we descend,  retracing the Roman road,  Via Flaminia.  At  Massa Martana we are taken on a short journey through the past with a guided tour: a visit to the ancient catacombs.

Distance km 35; 450m of elevation gain ,  Road surface Asphalt

  Massa Martana-Dunarobba-San Gemini +visit to the fossil forest of  Dunarobba

From Massa Martana there are a few ups and downs through hills and greenery that bring us to the Fossil Forest of Dunarobba, an open-air museum containing fossilized tree trunks that date back  two million years.  From  Dunarobba, a tiny village immersed in pristine nature, we pick up the road that takes us to  San Gemini , a small town surrounded by water.

Distance km 35; 600m. of elevation gain.   Road surface Asphalt

 San Gemini-Carsulae-San Gemini

Distance km 13; 250m. of elevation gain,  Road surface Asphalt

We visit the ancient Roman city of Carsulae, a settlement,  (that is now immersed in an archaeological park), containing many important monuments of the era: the piazza of the Forum, arches, roads, the theatre and amphitheatre.

Meet with the organisors and departure for Terni ( responsibility of the organisation).

Basic Services  bikes to rent  (helmet, pump, lock , kit to repair), maps, road notes, GPS (including tracks), luggage transfer, accomodation B&B service

Extra Services  offered by “Gira l`Umbria” : wine tasting at a local wine cellar, GPS rental with assistance for the bike,  expert support guide, entrance tickets to museums and payment for guided  visits at centres of cultural significance, chosen by the organisors.

The above programme may be subject to alteration or modification during the tour, as a result of  organisational issues or inclement weather.

This package is sold with the technical  assistance of trusted travel agencies.

Contact and Information

Tucci Antonella for  Gira l`Umbria

Tel:  +39 348.89.16.928

Email:  info@giralumbria.it