About me

I'm Antonella Tucci, the Gira l'Umbria brand's owner.

I'm a licensed guide for natural tours and cultural tours.

I promote cycling tourism in Umbria, my region, and surrounding areas (Tuscany, Lazio and Marche regions). My  aim is to help you truly get to know the places you visit, with passion, attention to details and in a relaxed mode.

We provide Mountain Bike, Trekking Bike, walking excursions and holidays, (with expert guides), allowing you to discover the beauty of Umbria, following itineraries suitable to all fitness levels.

The itineraries have been created with the aim of offering an independent experience while at the same time, guaranteeing full back up and assistance from our professional team.

With the bikes we provide, follow a network of itineraries that offer complete immersion in uncontaminated natural landscapes, away from the traditional tourist trails.
Our routes offer a range of intense emotions, whether out amongst nature or during stopovers in the beautiful towns which welcome visitors with the fascination of their history, architecture and atmosphere.

Gira l'Umbria (my brand's italian name) offers an alternative mode for visiting one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. Discover the essence of Umbria in an ecologically-friendly and fun atmosphere. 

We organise tailor-made tours for small groups, in consultation, according to the needs of the participants.